Michael the Boxer Presents "WAKE THE FOOD UP!"

"better living with food"



Meet Michael, food activist, board certified nutritional  consultant, certified 200hr. yoga practitioner, an accomplished commissioned three time published author, former boxer and consultant in two World Heavy Weight Championship training camps, creator of "Boxing Trainer" App. (iTunes/Android,) motivational speaker. Co. founder with Karl Stenerud of "Food-up" App. (iTunes/Android)


 The success of Michael The Boxer can be attributed to nutrition. In the early days of Michael's boxing career he relied on a 90/10% split (with ninety percent training and ten percent nutrition.) As the decades passed, the percentages have gradually changed. Now at 51-years old, nutrition has surpassed training, becoming ninety percent nutrition and ten percent training.   

Goals of the Health Mission

Not only will the program work with your existing conditions; it will also work in preventing pain and illness from occurring.  Michael The Boxer will be in your corner as a  food for life coach, committed to your health and wellness, continually striving to help you improve your quality of life.  Achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible!  


Nutritional Program one-on-one

What Is The Program, And How Is It Presented

 The program informs you of proper food types, combining and sourcing (location/pricing) for all types of diets (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, Etc.)  Menus with meal-plans and shopping lists are included. Topics pertaining to fasting, additives, preservatives, gums, fillers, thickeners, and such are also explored. A working knowledge of Enzymes and Probiotics are included. In addition: Dairy, sugar and raw foods are examined. Kitchen cookware and set-up are also part of the program.

 In simple terms, this program takes the best from every diet and nutritional reference available,  plus 35-years of Michael's experience training fighters and using his own body as a laboratory. Throughout the decades, Michael has been, and continues to be, living proof that this program works! 

The program is presented with predetermined time frames in an easy, step-by-step method, delivered over a ten week period, in a bullet-power-point curriculum format. Weekly check-ins over the telephone, Skype, Face-Time or Google hangouts with Michael!

What Can Be Expected From The Program

Overall improved health, weight loss, increased stamina, vitality, libido, sleep, increased flexibility, reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol with a reduction in all cardiovascular disease and diabetes,  improved complexion and elasticity of skin, digestion and elimination.

Upon conclusion, you will have gained an increased knowledge of all covered topics, enabling you to make informed and healthy choices in your diet for all situations.  In addition: the ability to make quick, delicious nutritionally perfect meals.

What Are client's Responsibilities During The Program

  1. Filling out a questionnaire and intake form. 
  2. Completion of a daily food-log. 
  3. Shopping/Purchasing of food/ingredients
  4. Obtaining supplements  
  5. Preparing and cooking of meals. 

What Is The Cost Of The Program

  1. Single plan = $495.00 one person.
  2. Family plan = $25.00 per additional person.
  3. 24-hour cancellation or change of session,  submitted over email or voice message. Non-rendered will be subject to $50.00 make-up cost.